CLA conference at Long Beach

CLA Convention Center 2013I attended this year’s California Library Association conference in Long Beach. The trip was definitely worth it:

  • there was a lot to learn–not as much from session presenters as from other attendees from different libraries doing things similar to what I do at my library
  • it was inspirational to see librarians at different points in their careers, from different libraries and different communities, all talking about the same problems and concerns and how they’re addressing them

The sessions I attended were very accessible (I didn’t attend any of the cataloging sessions. Some attendees said those were a little hard to follow). I’m thinking about proposing my own, maybe about computer classes. There weren’t any sessions about digital literacy instruction at public libraries, something I’ve worked on and thought about for years.

It was also nice to see that all but one of the sessions I attended didn’t rely at all on PowerPoint slides, and much of the feedback I read about other sessions appreciated how little the presenters relied on slides, instead encouraging audience discussion.

I made it to two of the three graduate school receptions but didn’t stick around either for very long. Everyone seemed to keep to their own groups. I think some time should have been set aside to encourage mingling between groups, or icebreaker games to introduce newcomers to the schools’ faculty and students.


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