Bulk item record editing in Polaris ILS

It’s been about a year and a half since my library system switched to the Polaris ILS. In becoming pretty familiar with Polaris’s circulation module, I’ve been kind of wishing for this feature for Christmas: The ability in the circulation module to more quickly change, in bulk, predetermined fields in the item records of items we scan.

Polaris Item Record screenshot of possibly outdated Polaris ILS version.Circulation and reference staff are asked from time to time to change certain fields of certain types of our circulating items, such as the material type and loan period fields for all periodicals, usually due to a change in circulation policy. Right now, staff pull up each item’s item record individually and change the fields. It would be cool if we could tell Polaris to change, say, the “Fine code” and “Renewal limit” fields of all of the books we’ll be scanning next to 0.10 and 2, respectively. Then, we can simply scan that stack of books whose item record fields we need to change, saving a lot of time and ensuring more consistency.

Is this kind of bulk editing possible in any of the other modules? Cataloging, acquisitions?


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